Kinder Days

Some days are kind. You wake up and there is a sense of purpose, a sense of knowing where to go. You step out of bed and it doesn’t take the energy of Stones and Waterfalls to support your steps. These are the days when all your decisions feel somewhat special.

You go to bed with a sense of achievement, with an almost smile on the face. Surely you’ve found your ground? You would’ve thought so. However, another dawn is a different day, and a new morning is an unknown beginning. Even before your train of night comes to stop, asking all aboard to take their belongings with them, you can sense the impending doom. As you step out and into the station of consciousness, the air is thick with humidity and void of the unknown you are so familiar with.  
It takes an effort to put one step in front of the other as the weight of decades drags you back.

There it is, that dreaded feeling of loss – Its stench lays heavy in the air, covering you from head to toe, engulfing you within its nothingness. From that moment on you know you have to find another way – you must look for something new to bring that sense of “uniqueness” back. You also know that the next thing will come with an expiry date as well and you accept that as you burry the ghost of past passions in the chest deserted in that dark corner of your mind.

Until that next thing, life will be an endless walk through this city – the city with its people and their hollow dreams and their senseless fears, their hatred and ignorance and their undying arrogance – The air of the city is heavy with their broken dreams, failing bodies and dying desires. You drag yourself on, looking for a corner where the light will flicker again, thirsty for thunder and storm, anything to jolt you awake from this immortal reality.

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